Maintenance Corner May 2017

**Update**Maintenance Corner  

The contracts for the lighting projects are with the Archdiocese awaiting the Archbishop’s signature. Due to the large expense of replacing the boilers, we have decided to just go with the lighting for now. Please, keep in mind that the boiler at the St. Joseph Parish Center is the original boiler from 1970. While it seems to be in good working order at this time, it is quite old. Unfortunately, the incentives from Columbia Gas were not near what we thought, making our ability to replace the boiler out of reach. Here is the breakdown for the lighting:

St. Joseph Parish Center $15,854.27

St. Joseph Church (inside and outside, includes basement) $16,701.65

St. Raphael Parish Center $23,409.01

St. Raphael Church (inside and outside, includes Hoban Hall) $39,297.04

St. Joseph/St. Raphael Business Office $7,541.93

$102,803.90 is the total cost of the project ($70,247.98 for St. Raphael and $32,555.92 for St. Joseph). We would receive $7,420.13 ($5,008.33 for St. Raphael, $2,411.80 for St. Joseph) in rebates for the updates. The estimated annual energy and maintenance savings would be $23,485.38 ($18,554.58 for St. Raphael and $4,930.80 for St. Joseph). Pastoral Council has approved proceeding with the lighting portion of the energy audit. We are looking at a loan from Home City to complete these projects. We all believe this will be a wonderful update to our buildings. It will provide much needed lighting in all of our buildings. If you would like more detailed information, please call the office or email me ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

The St. Raphael Parish Center project is well underway (see pictures). The TPO roof will be installed starting the middle of July, after Scripture Safari. The lintels are in a severe state of deterioration. We are currently waiting for an engineer to evaluate the condition of the C Channels. They have to make sure there is enough sound metal to weld the new lintels to. I have been in the lift while the foreman evaluated the lintels. I also climbed the scaffold on the south side to get a closer look at the lintels and C channels. For the most part, they were able to just pull the bricks off the south side using only their hands. The foreman has said he is not sure what was holding the bricks in place. We were indeed very close to a collapse. For more pictures, please visit our website, under the heading Parish Life and Pictures.  

GOOD NEWS! The Archbishop granted our request to donate the land at St. Mary’s to the Jefferson Street Oasis Community Garden. Fred Stegner (the Soup Kitchen Guy), will take over ownership of the donated land to help the garden. Closing on this transaction should take place soon. It is about 5 acres of land that we were having to pay to have mowed. This should save us about $800 a month and help the community garden continue their mission to grow good food for the community.

St. Joseph is required by the city to repair some parts of the sidewalk along East Street. It will cost $2,535 to complete the work required by the city.

We are on our way to having the money needed to repair and paint the areas inside St. Joseph. We will need to bring in $19,000 to get these areas painted. If you would like to donate to this project, please use your Maintenance fund envelope or contact me about giving. As soon as the funds are available, I can get the contract signed and we can get those areas fixed. I appreciate the donations that have come in so far. Once the roof on the parish center is complete and the steps on the outside of the church have been repaired, I will be able to more effectively tell how much money we have. I am expecting an estimate on the step repair soon.

The St. Joseph Parish Center will be getting a new roof starting in June. There is enough money in our savings with the Archdiocese to pay for this project. Any additional support for this would be greatly appreciated, as it will mean we can keep more money in our savings.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the office.

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