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Our Parish Community

HERITAGE of St. Joseph
November 4, 1883

It was warm inside the new basement of the new Saint Joseph Parish schoolhouse. The boilers have been fired for the first time earlier that day; several hours before the crowd would gather for the first Mass celebrated at this new missionary parish. As the faithful settled in makeshift seating, the smell of fresh-cut wood and newly applied paint mixed with the incense lit for the use during the holy event.

This cold day, November 4. 1883 marked a special beginning in the hearts of and lives of hundreds of Irish immigrants who, for some time, had wanted a parish of their own in their neighborhood.
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HERITAGE of St. Raphael

St. Raphael Parish was built in 1849, brought into being to meet the needs of a small but growing number of Catholics in a population of about 5000 persons. Our present church building was begun in 1892 and dedicated in 1898. Since that time, our church at the corner of Spring and High Streets, has been a symbol of Catholic life for many thousands of Springfield’s residents. St. Raphael parishioners have come to it to be nourished by the Gospel and the Sacraments. In it they have found their identity as a community. From it they have gone out to live their faith in their home, places of employment, and the market place. This long and proud history, built on the dedicated service of laity, religious, and clergy, provides a strong foundation upon which St. Raphael can look to the future. The Church’s mission is nothing less than the establishment of the Kingdom of God.


Because of the age and fragile condition of our sacramental books and death records, and because of limited staffing, we are unable to accept requests for genealogy research.

However, all of our records have been micro-filmed and are kept at the Archives for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

For information contact:
Archdiocesan Archvist
Mr. Don H. Buske
The Archives of the Chancery
212 E. Eight Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
PHONE: (513) 421-3131 ext. 3002

E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clark County Combined Health Dept.
(birth and death records)
Vital Records
529 E. Home Rd.
Springfield, OH 45503
PHONE: (937) 390-5600
FAX: (937) 390-5625

Please call in advance. Please note that a cashier's check may be required.
Legal copies may cost $8 or more per file. Non legal copies may be less.

Probate Court
(marriage records)
50 E. Columbia St.
Springfield, OH 45502
PHONE: (937) 328-2589

There may be a payment of $2 or more for each certificate requested.

Clark County Public Library
(census records)
Reference Dept.
201 S. Fountain Ave.
Springfield, OH 45506
PHONE: (937) 328-6903
FAX: (937) 328-6908

Clark County Historical Society
117 S. Fountain Ave.
Springfield, OH 45502
PHONE: (937) 322-5035
PHONE: (937) 324-0657


As a Parish, the people of St. Joseph ~ St. Raphael are united by a common faith in Christ. We gratefully bring our gifts of time, talent, and money to the table of the Lord. Through all our efforts, we are called to the Body of Christ among the people of Springfield. As such, we are called to serve as Christ did; to seek out and serve the poor and hurting as well as the entire community. We are engaged in the continual work of building up the Lord’s Body by our love and concern for one another. It calls us to be responsive to the spiritual, educational and social needs of individuals, of families and of the total community. As a parish community, worship is the heart of our life. It is this community worship which helps us to focus on our vision, our purpose. So we pursue our vision with loving concern for all of God’s people. 


In light of our heritage, and mindful of our vision, we commit ourselves to strive to achieve certain goals. We will broaden our understanding of ourselves, and provide greater opportunities of our community; opportunities for spiritual renewal, and strengthening our ties through education and socializing. We will support the families of the parish, as well as individuals, and we will realize the benefit of youth ministry. We will recognize and develop resources in our parish among our people, in the areas of worship, education and service. We will have a functioning organizational structure. We will be a community whose identity is characterized by warmth and acceptance which promotes a feeling of belonging and a deep respect for people of any age. We will have a community aware of its real needs and able to direct its resources to meet those needs.

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