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The Bereavement Committee serves the families of deceased members of the parish by providing luncheon items for a reception following the funeral.  Help is always needed to cook, serve, and wash dishes.  This ministry is coordinated by Theresa Pitstick, Donna Misocky, and Thelma Ray.

Greeters are asked to greet families and pass out programs prior to a funeral.  Volunteers are usually scheduled for a month’s time and are notified of an upcoming funeral by the parish secretary.  They arrive 30 minutes prior to the funeral, hand out programs, and assist anyone who is unfamiliar with our church facilities.  Contact the parish office.

Through this ministry we remember all of our parishioners and include those who cannot attend mass by taking Holy Communion to people confined to their homes or residing in a nursing home/assisted living facility and to parishioners who are patients at Springfield Regional Hospital.  A prayer book containing the Rite for distributing Communion to the Sick and training to use it will be provided. The time and day of visits should be agreed upon by both the distributor and the home bound person.  Coordinator is Deacon Norm Horstman.

Teams from the parish count the offertory collection each week.  Volunteers are scheduled once a month.  The St. Raphael collection is counted on Sunday, and the St. Joseph collection is counted on the following Monday.  Coordinator is Brianna Beedy.

The Cleaning Crew keeps the church environment looking clean and presentable. 

Members of the cleaning crew, dust mop/sweep all floor areas, replace all used candles, straighten the books, remove all debris (bulletins, etc.) from the pockets, clean the reconciliation room if needed, and clean the choir loft.  They check plants for clean up, replace altar candles if needed and clean wax drip plates on candle stands, as well as any other wax dripping.  Extra cleaning is done before weddings and funerals. Prior to Christmas and Easter, a more extensive cleaning is done.  These cleaning sessions are scheduled on Mondays and Fridays at St. Raphael and Tuesday mornings at St. Joseph.  Contact the parish office.

Volunteers who work in this ministry are primarily in charge of laundering the purificators used during the Eucharist.  Launderers take purificators home to wash weekly for a month, 2 months per year.  Occasionally work also needs done on albs and altar cloths.  Contact the parish office.

Volunteers decorate the churches for the different liturgical seasons and events, to reflect the liturgical season and assist us in the celebration of our sacred liturgies.  Contact the parish office.

The Gardening Angels adopt an area of the St. Joseph or St. Raphael flower beds.  They weed, plant, mulch, and water their beds during the summer months.  Extra help is needed to mulch the beds in the late spring.  Cooordinator is Lisa Lenard.

Volunteers work on special projects on an as needed basis.  If you are handy with tools or a paint brush, there is a need for your skills.  With 5 aging buildings on our 2 campuses, we are always in need of some extra help with repairs/renovations.  Coordinator is Brianna Beedy.

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to perform clerical duties such as compiling mailings, stuffing bulletins, etc.  They come to the church office Mondays through Fridays, between 8-4, on an as needed basis.  Contact the parish office.