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5th Grade Makes Blessing Bags – You Can, Too!
This week, the 5th grade is making Blessing Bags constructed from children’s tank tops. They will be filled with soap, washcloths, toothbrushes, and other toiletries donated between now and Friday. 
The bags are simple to make. Begin with a small tank top (child’s 7-8, or close to that size). Sew the front to the back about 2 inches from the bottom hem. Fringe below the seam, and tie fringes together. Using a darning needle and heavy cotton thread, run needle through 1 eye of a large button. Making 1 inch stitches, go around top of shirt starting just off the middle of the front. Be sure to be just under the back top seam. When you get back to the button, cross the threads one over the other, like the first step in making a knot and then go through other button eye. Knot ends of thread to prevent button slipping off.
The bag is complete and can then be filled with a variety of items.
Donated bags will be taken to the Interfaith Hospitality Network which serves homeless children and their families. 
Adults who want to participate in this project are welcome to make their own bags and fill them or to donate additional toiletries in lots of 12. Please bring all donations to Hoban Hall by Friday morning of Safari.