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Water in Short Supply – Well Needed at St. Lucy’s: 

Sr. Dorothy Stang is buried at the St. Raphael Center near Anapu in Para Brazil. The center is a major gathering space for the people of St. Lucy Parish. The St. Raphael Center is a large, covered space with shallow wells from the nearby river. With the climate change in the region, those wells are drying up and there is not clean water for people to drink when they gather. This has become a very important community issue that needs to be addressed so that the community can continue to meet and be of support for each other. The solution is that a semi-artesian well needs to be dug and then set up to deliver that water.

On June 23, on behalf of the people of St. Joseph/St. Raphael Parish, Pat Wickham presented Sr. Rebecca Spires, SND a check for $3,236.73 to be used for the well project. This money came from the Advent & Lenten Alms cans and the monies collected at Scripture Safari over the past year. We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to all who used alms can or made donation during the Lenten Advent Seasons as we prepared to celebrate the birth Jesus and His death and resurrection. Jesus continues His saving mission here on earth for and through all of us. Money collected at this year’s Safari will also go towards the well project.

Lost Coin Challenge:
In the parable of the lost coin, a woman loses one of ten coins she possesses. She then cleans her house until it is found. She rejoices in finding it because it is very important to her. Sometimes coins aren’t very important to us. We drop them into the console of our cars, leave them in our pants pockets to get washed, and let them drift under the couch cushions. Yet these small coins can do a big job when pooled together. We just sent $3236.73 to Brazil, and that money was mostly a collection of small coins.


We have challenged our Safari kids to seek out the lost coins at home (with their parents’ permission) and bring these lost coins to Safari tomorrow. All money collected will be sent to St. Lucy’s for the well project.