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Blessed are they who mourn
For they will be comforted.

This beatitude is hard for me because I feel like I have not mourned my parents George and Norma who have both passed. They are wonderful and loving parents.

In my life this be-attitude gets translated into “blessed are those who get to be around, share with, those who mourn.” In my role at St Joseph St Raphael I am blessed to walk with those who mourn. God is love and I powerfully experience love (God) directly in those who mourn. I can see love all over them, in their faces; feel love in their energy and the way they move. I am drawn to those who mourn because I feel in them Jesus who is “the way the truth and the life”. People who mourn seem much more real and alive to me. They are focused on the things that matters, that are real and last. It pulls me out of my unreal thoughts. Mourning is the result of and a precious part of love. A love that ‘never fails” Corinthians 13:8. You cannot miss, long for that which you never knew, experienced or loved. Our lives are a flowing whole that cannot be separated out into particular moments. Mourning means we love and we are blessed because God who is love will comfort us. This is a statement about God and who God is on our lives. Just like there is no mourning without love, there is no mourning without comfort. People often say “you will get over it”. When you lose someone you love that space, that emptiness becomes a part of you. That never gets filled up. You do not replace love because it never goes away it just changes. People who love would not and cannot have it any other way. Nine months, five years, 25 years that love is still there. We carry it in our hearts until we are fully united with that love. This makes sense of our own passing as a going home, deeper, lasting home. This is “the way, the truth and the life”. John 14:6 
 ~ by Deacon Norm Horstman