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Many have asked when the ramp will be completed at St. Joseph. The bad news is that we have no idea. We have been working on the ramp project since March 2018. It hit several snags before the project even began. In November, we debated waiting until spring to begin construction. However, the old ramp was rapidly deteriorating, and no one felt it would make it safely through another winter so we forged ahead. With the January winter weather finally arriving, we have hit another delay as the materials needed to install the railing require warmer weather. We realize this is incredibly inconvenient. This was not how we intended for this project to work out; however, we made the best decisions we could with the safety of our parishioners in mind. We will have to pray for some warmer weather to appear for a couple of days in order for the railing to be installed before spring. In the meantime, we ask for your continued patience and remind those needing to use a ramp to attend mass at St. Raphael until the project is completed.