Liturgical Ministries

We are all called by our Baptism to serve. One way to serve your parish community is through the Liturgy. At Mass we, as lay ministers, are called to participate as Choir members, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers. Lectors proclaim the readings during Mass and Eucharistic Ministers distribute the Eucharist. To be involved in either of these ministries you must have completed your Sacraments of Initiation; you must have been Confirmed. Altar Servers must have completed the 3rd grade. We have a wide variety of servers including adults. Some Grandparents return to this ministry to serve with their grandchild. This is a wonderful intergenerational way to live out your faith with the next generation! Trainings are held for all of these ministries as needed. Call Patty Larger at 323-7523 ext 12 to volunteer for any of these ministries.

Ministry Schedules


“Sing a song to my God with tambourines, sing to my Lord with cymbals. Raise to Him a new psalm; and exalt Him, and call upon His name.” Judith 16: 1.

The St. Joseph and St. Raphael choirs are always looking for new members to join them in their ministry.  Both adult choirs sing at Masses from September through May.  St. Joseph choir is directed by John Robey, sings at the 10:30 am Mass, and practices on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm in St. Joseph Church.  St. Raphael choir is directed by Mike Ahern, sings at the 10:30 am Mass, and practices on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in St. Raphael Church.  The St. Joseph/St. Raphael youth and young adult choir is also directed by Mike Ahern.  The practice and mass schedule vary to accommodate the schedules of our young people.  To join one of the choirs, contact one of the directors through the parish office.

Eucharistic Minister

A Eucharistic Minister assists the celebrant with the distribution of the Eucharist at each Liturgy.

Eucharistic Ministers are trained in this ministry.  The training covers both the practical and spiritual aspects of this ministry.  At the training, persons also sign up for specific Mass times for which they wish to be scheduled.  Schedules are distributed on a quarterly basis and assignments are also listed in the bulletin.  Eucharistic Ministers who are unable to serve at a scheduled Mass are asked to contact a replacement.  A calling list is included in each ministry schedule.  Contact Patty Larger at the parish office if you are interested in serving in this ministry.

Gift Bearers

Being a gift bearer is a special way of participating in the Liturgy of the Mass.   “It is praiseworthy for the faithful to present the bread and wine.”

    The Offertory Gift Bearers carry the gifts to the altar. You are asked to report to an usher when you arrive and go to the back of the church while the collection is being taken.  The priest/deacon signals when to come forward and the gifts are taken up the steps and handed to the priest or deacon. If you are unable to walk up the steps, let the usher know and the priest/deacon will walk down the steps to you. If you are interested in serving as a gift bearer, please check in with the coordinator/usher in the back of the church.  Volunteers are assigned on a first come, first serve basis prior to Mass.

Hospitality - Greeters & Ushers

The ministry of Hospitality/Ushers is a service that can be both a blessing and a boost to the parish community.

The primary responsibility of the Greeter is to welcome those who come to worship and to enhance a heartfelt hospitality.  Greeters will be scheduled for a full month. They should arrive 15 minutes early (30 min. for special functions and Christmas/Easter).  They hold the door open for people as they enter the main part of the church and greet them with a warm and friendly smile. Greeters may be asked to distribute special programs occasionally.  The ministry of Greeter is at St. Raphael Church only; Ushers perform the ministry of greeter at St. Joseph Church. Patty Larger coordinates the Greeter ministry.

The primary responsibility of the Ushers is to be of assistance to those who come to worship. That assistance is usually offered in one of two ways: either in assuring people that they are welcome and making them comfortable or in helping to see that things flow smoothly during the service. This includes taking care of lights, doors, wheelchair-bound parishioners, parishioners who are unable to walk to Communion, and the distribution of bulletins at the end of the Mass.   Ushers should arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass starts (30 min. for special occasions). 4-5 ushers are needed for each Mass.  Contact Tom Aldridge, Tom Hannon, or Tony Hannon through the parish office for St. Joseph Church or contact Patty Larger at the parish office for St. Raphael Church.


A Lector proclaims the Word of God through the First and Second Readings at Liturgy.

Lectors are assigned one reading at the Mass time of their choice.  Frequency of assignments will vary according to the number of lectors available for your Mass time.  The lectors receive workbooks and the assigned readings should be studied and well-rehearsed prior to the Mass.

Becoming a good lector takes time and attention beyond the required training session. Having some experience in public speaking is helpful but not a requirement.  Good diction and pronunciation are essential, and proper clothing should be worn when lectoring.  Lector coordinators are: Beth Robey for St. Joseph and Dick Hatfield for St. Raphael, both of whom may be contacted through the parish office.


Altar Servers assist the celebrant throughout the Liturgy.

The ministry of Altar Server is open to boys and girls who are in the 4th grade or older.  Adult servers are also welcome.  Adults who are available during daytime hours are needed to serve at funerals throughout the year.  Servers are trained by Fr. Kramer and Matt Parrill and are scheduled at the Mass time of their choice.  Contact Patty Larger at the parish office if you would like to be an altar server.

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