Hospitality - Greeters & Ushers

The ministry of Hospitality/Ushers is a service that can be both a blessing and a boost to the parish community.

The primary responsibility of the Greeter is to welcome those who come to worship and to enhance a heartfelt hospitality.  Greeters will be scheduled for a full month. They should arrive 15 minutes early (30 min. for special functions and Christmas/Easter).  They hold the door open for people as they enter the main part of the church and greet them with a warm and friendly smile. Greeters may be asked to distribute special programs occasionally.  The ministry of Greeter is at St. Raphael Church only; Ushers perform the ministry of greeter at St. Joseph Church. Patty Larger coordinates the Greeter ministry.

The primary responsibility of the Ushers is to be of assistance to those who come to worship. That assistance is usually offered in one of two ways: either in assuring people that they are welcome and making them comfortable or in helping to see that things flow smoothly during the service. This includes taking care of lights, doors, wheelchair-bound parishioners, parishioners who are unable to walk to Communion, and the distribution of bulletins at the end of the Mass.   Ushers should arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass starts (30 min. for special occasions). 4-5 ushers are needed for each Mass.  Contact Tom Aldridge, Tom Hannon, or Tony Hannon through the parish office for St. Joseph Church or contact Patty Larger at the parish office for St. Raphael Church.

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