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The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has teamed up with the Virtus program to assist volunteers working with children in the diocese. Virtus is a nationally used program that focuses on Child Sexual Abuse. The goal of this training is to increase awareness, facilitate communication and encourage timely reporting of any form of abuse. All volunteers working with youth in any Catholic parish, school or organization are required to attend a Virtus training, read monthly bulletins and complete an online background check.

VIRTUS TRAINING-We would ask that you contact Patty Larger at 323-7523 ext 12 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to registration so that the parish is aware that you are interested in serving as a youth volunteer.  To register for Virtus, you must go to and complete the registration PRIOR to attending a session. (registration instructions) If you do not have internet access, please contact Patty Larger at the parish office. During the registration process you will be shown a chronological listing of upcoming trainings in the entire diocese. You do not have to choose a training session at this parish. There are many sites that are offering trainings- choose what works best for you. IF you have trouble, again feel free to call Patty Larger.

ONLINE BULLETINS-After the Virtus training you will receive an email reminder about the monthly bulletins online. You are required to view the monthly training bulletin and answer a short question. Even if you do not get the reminders you can always just go to and log in.  Many people have found the bulletins short, easy to understand and a good update on issues that the training didn’t cover.

ONLINE BACKGROUND CHECK- The Archdiocese of Cincinnati requires all volunteers to complete an online background check  to work with the youth of the diocese instead of asking volunteers to be fingerprinted. The background checks will only be done once per person, but the database can be rechecked quarterly giving us a constantly updated list. Here is some information about the background checks.


You are able to use your home computer to fill out the background check information and submit the form. If you do not have a computer, feel free to come into the Parish Office and use one of our computers. Once you have registered for a training you have a Virtus online account, there are 3 easy steps to complete the background check. The diocese has tried to simplify this process by adding this feature to the Virtus website allowing us to complete both parts of the Child Protection requirements at one site.

STEP ONE: login to (use your new user name and password)

STEP TWO: click on Toolbox (which is the 2nd tab at the top)

STEP THREE:  click on “ Background Check” (the top choice under toolbox highlighted in yellow)

Follow the prompts after this step. I have completed my background check through and found it to be very easy. Here are some other tips that you might want to know before you begin.

INQUIRY RELEASE: A statement letting you know what is being done. You will need to agree to this to proceed. In the statement it does inform you that these reports “ do NOT include my Credit Report but may include information concerning my motor vehicle record, civil litigation history and/or criminal record”.

ENTERING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION- A complete Social Security number is required. Please remember that when you were fingerprinted this was also a requirement. This is an encrypted site. If you have any concerns about this I have more information about the security of this site.

COST-  The cost of a background check is $25.00.  The cost of fingerprinting is currently $58.00. It is a cost savings to use this method. The site is set up to take credit card information to pay for the background check. If you are financially unable to cover this cost please contact Patty Larger at the Parish Office before you proceed.  We will give you a FASTRAX coupon to use. We do not want anyone to stop volunteering due to the cost of a background check. However, if you can cover this cost it is greatly appreciated. As a parish we do not get any cost break on the background checks. The FASTRAX coupons cost the parish $25.00 per coupon.

YOUR COPY- you can request a copy of your report for free at the end of the process.

ONLINE ASSISTANCE- at any time you can go to the Live Chat online tab at the top right corner of the page. Someone from will be there to answer any questions.


Fingerprinting in the state of Ohio doesn’t give us what the background checks can.

  • BCI checks do not include any out of state information. The diocese found 8 people, with out of state violations, volunteering with children when they did their first background check of 815 volunteers in the diocese. These people had all gone through the BCI check.
  • It is faster. The check can only take minutes instead of the 4 weeks that fingerprint results took for approval. This helps when a new volunteer comes forward and the event is less than 4 weeks away.
  • It is cheaper. $25.00 instead of $58.00
  • Current- The background check database will run a quarterly search to keep all lists updated at no cost to the diocese.
  • More convenient for those people that have problems with getting a “good fingerprint”


  • SSN TRACE/ VALIDATION – Cross reference with death master file  and complete address history
  • SEARCH AMERICA DATABASE- 651 million criminal records are held in this database
  • MULTI- JURISDICTIONAL SEARCH- checks  other county court records across the country
  • FEDERAL SEARCH- searches a 12 Federal Circuit Courts
  • OUT OF STATE SEARCH- can do physical record search if necessary in other states.